July 18, 2024

Learn About Jewish History and Its Emphasis On Giving

Close Up of a Hanukkiah

As you consider supporting Judaism, it is important to understand its long and incredibly complex history. From the earliest days of Abraham in ancient Mesopotamia to the foundational work of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness, to the modern-day practice of Rabbinical Judaism, the community has evolved greatly over millennia. In this article, we will explore the…

Acknowledging the Impactful Figures at the Heart of Colel Chabad’s Movement

Key Chabad Figures

Guided by revered Rebbes such as Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the Chabad-Lubavitch movement has stood as a symbol of service, guidance, and community support since 1775.  At the heart of this profound movement is Colel Chabad, a prominent Jewish non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating poverty and fostering community development through acts of kindness (Chesed)…

Unveiling the 8 Degrees of Giving with Colel Chabad

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Tzedakah, Chesed, and Philanthropy are the foundation of the Jewish faith. These principles not only form the moral backbone of the community but also reflect the essence of Judaism.  In this blog post, we explore the eight degrees of charitable giving according to Jewish tradition. Keep reading to learn how the origins, meanings, and significance…

How the Beliefs of Judaism and Charity and Go Hand-In-Hand

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Before you donate to Jewish charities, volunteer in your community, or get involved with Jewish causes, you should understand the history and beliefs of Judaism. From its roots to modern developments, this article will help you better understand the essential principles and values of our faith. DONATE NOW The Storied History of Judaism Judaism is…

Understanding the Chabad Movement: Compassion Is at the Core of Our Philosophy

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Colel Chabad is the oldest operating Tzedakah network in Israel. Established in 1788 by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, our Jewish faith-based charity organization has a long history of supporting the people of Israel. The charity is guided by the Chabad philosophy, grounded in acts of kindness, spiritual awareness, education, and prayer. In this blog,…

A Glimpse into the Chabad Rebbes and their Legacy

The Rebbe

From fighting food insecurity to fundraising for the vulnerable with healthcare, the Chabad movement makes a tangible difference in the lives of many. Colel Chabad was founded by Rabbi Schneur Zalman, the visionary behind the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, in 1788 and has since evolved into a global force for Jewish education, outreach, and community building. His…

The Significance of Jewish Prayers and Blessings in Everyday Life

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From the times of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness to today, prayer has always been a key tenet of Judaism. We at Colel Chabad believe that its power can change lives. In this blog, we explore what prayer is, what it looks like, and the potential it has to ignite positive change. We’ll also review some…

Embracing the Rite of Passage: The Meaning Behind Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Young Boys Celebrating Bar Mitzvah

One of the most profound traditions in Jewish culture is the bar/bat mitzvah. Outside of the Jewish community, this sacred celebration is known by people around the world. Although the ritual is a pivotal practice within Judaism, many people aren’t aware of its significance and history. This blog will introduce you to the meaning behind…

How to Help Israel Now

Israel has a rich and intricate history, with its modern conflict with Arab neighbors dating back to 1948. The ongoing struggle between Israelis and Palestinians has led to deep-seated mistrust and multiple unresolved peace agreements. Recent events, including the incursion by the Hamas militant group on October 7th, 2023, have further escalated tensions, resulting in…

What’s Happening In Israel Now

Amid the ongoing challenges and conflicts in Israel, one thing remains clear: the importance of standing together to support Israeli families and communities. As the oldest continuously operating Tzedakah network in Israel, Colel Chabad has played a pivotal role in providing aid and assistance to those in need.  In this article, we will explore the…


Yizkor Donation

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