June 22, 2024

A growing network of daycare centers

means love for the children and peace of mind for their working moms.

After School Programs

Complex problems don’t end after school is out—for some children, that bell ring signifies when the real work begins. Those who find themselves at risk due to poverty, disability, or a lack of parental guidance face the reality of an insecure outlook on life every day.

Colel Chabad After-School Programs for At-Risk Children

As one of the biggest Jewish charities in Israel, Colel Chabad is well-positioned to help at-risk children overcome the plights they face. Our three after-school programs support over 350 families in poverty-stricken communities with life-changing access to academic, social, and emotional resources.

Colel Chabad’s after-school programs begin immediately after the school day ends with a hot, nutritious meal. Each child is personally escorted home at 7:00 PM after taking a hot shower and receiving a sandwich and fruit for breakfast the following morning.

What We Do

Our Israeli charity’s team of staff, educators, and counselors are there to provide children with tutoring, homework help, enrichment activities, and personal support on an ongoing basis. 

Having operated this initiative since 2008, we can confidently say these people and the donations for after-school program support we receive make a formative difference in the lives of at-risk children every day.

Our Mission and Our Challenge

Meeting the basic needs of at-risk children is relatively straightforward—the real challenge is nurturing them back to emotional health. Even for the most dedicated educators, it takes consistency and sustained effort.

And that’s what our partnership can do. 

Our charity organization is proud to have been able to help more than 571 children, and we’re determined to continue improving their lives with the help of nine reliable volunteers.

Donations for After-School Program Efforts Make a Difference

Requiring a high staff ratio to children, fundraising efforts, and online donations play a significant role in making our after-school program successful. 

People like you who donate to Israeli charities keep things moving, enabling our charitable childcare programs to continue providing kids with the safe and caring environment they need to build self-esteem and self-confidence.

Donate to Israeli Charities Like Ours

At Colel Chabad, we believe all Israel charities must invest in the future they want to see. At-risk children aren’t just uniquely vulnerable in that they can’t help themselves – they’re also our community’s hope for tomorrow.

We are one of the best charities to support Israel; this couldn’t be a better initiative.

Donations for after-school program resources are easy to make and can be set up as regular acts of Chabad donation and Tzedakah donation. Get started today.

Stay Informed

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