June 22, 2024

A growing network of daycare centers

means love for the children and peace of mind for their working moms.

Big Brother/Big Sister Program

In the bustling streets of Israel lies an unseen struggle of young souls grappling with neglect and poverty. But hope emerges with the dedication of organizations like Colel Chabad and its Big Brother/Big Sister Program that strive to lead these young ones away from despair and into a future of promise.

Resisting the Pull of the Streets

Poverty’s shadow casts long and dark over many young lives in Israel. With parents stretched thin and working multiple jobs to make ends meet, many children don’t have proper supervision. This lack of guidance can inadvertently push them towards the allure of the streets, leading to neglect, disillusionment, and, potentially, even criminal activities.

A Hand of Guidance: Colel Chabad’s Answer

With its Big Brother and Big Sister program, Colel Chabad steps in to replace the pull towards the streets with a positive option. 

This initiative pairs at-risk children with dedicated adult mentors to bridge the guidance gap. These aren’t just mentors; they are young, driven educators who go beyond the traditional roles to genuinely connect and uplift their young “siblings.”

Explore the Big Brother and Big Sister Program

What sets Colel Chabad’s Jewish charity program apart from others is the commitment level of the mentors. While receiving modest compensation, each mentor invests scheduled quality time with their assigned child. Moreover, they stand ready to support — whether it’s a midnight call about a school task or a more urgent personal crisis.

Results to Date

Established in 2007, this program already boasts impressive results:

  • Volunteers involved: 23
  • Lives impacted: 447


The transformations are heartwarming, with many of these children breaking the chains of their circumstances, excelling academically, and growing into responsible citizens.

Learn more about the history and vision of Colel Chabad.

Be the Change

Every child has the potential to rise above their challenges, and every donation can be the wind beneath their wings. 

By supporting childcare initiatives like these, you’re not just donating to Israel charity organizations — you’re investing in the country’s future. In this case, your donation can mean the difference between a high-risk child performing well in school and going on to become a productive citizen or falling into a life of further hardship.

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Donate to Colel Chabad Now to Support a Brighter Tomorrow

Join Colel Chabad in its mission to illuminate young lives. Donate now and help these children find their path with our Big Brother and Big Sister Program, one mentor at a time.

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