18 mai 2024

Cultiver Bitachon : un chemin vers le don compatissant

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The world we live in is known for its turmoil and angst. Yet, despite millennia of challenges, the Jewish people have weathered every storm. We have one thing to thank for that: a principle known as bitachon. This article explains the term, detailing both its literal meaning and greater significance to Jewish values.  DONATE NOW…

Kiddouch Hachem : incarner la charité et la compassion

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Few concepts in the rich tapestry of Jewish values resonate as profoundly as Kiddush Hashem. This principle, which translates to “sanctification of the Divine Name,” encapsulates the idea of living a holy life. In this blog post, we delve into the origins and meaning of Kiddush Hashem, its significance to Jewish values, and how it…

Comprendre Avodah : le concept de travail et de service dans le judaïsme

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The history of Judaism is rich in cultural traditions and religious practices with complex meanings. While you’ve likely heard about Tzedek (justice) and Anavah (humility) before, another important concept that plays a significant role in Jewish theology is Avodah. In this blog, we will dive deeper into the meaning of Avodah, how it has been…

The Meaning of Tzedek In Judaism

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The value of justice is greatly underappreciated in today’s day and age. Corruption, inequality, and injustice all run rampant, and we see the effects first-hand. Jewish history is right to place a strong emphasis on Tzedek (justice) as an essential component of our faith. Keep reading to learn about the term’s meaning, its significance in…

Fulfilling the Mitzvah of Pe’ah

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The mitzvah of Pe’ah may have originally applied to agricultural practices, but its message of caring for the poor and vulnerable in our community continues to hold significance in modern society. Let’s explore the concept of Pe’ah and how it relates to other important values within Judaism and the Chabad movement. DONATE NOW What Does…

Embracing Anavah: A Pathway to Humility

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Woven into the very fabric of Jewish teachings stands anavah. A guiding principle that is deeply intertwined with the notion of repairing the world in Jewish tradition. It is believed that by engaging in acts of anavah, individuals contribute to the creation of a more just and harmonious society.  Anavah is a concept baked into…

Kavod HaBriyot: Promoting Unity and Compassion in Our Communities

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In today’s society, it is easy to fall into the trap of categorizing people based on their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status; we often make assumptions and judgments about individuals without taking the time to truly understand them as a person. Jewish beliefs offer a different perspective with a strong emphasis on…

Defining the Meaning of Olam Chesed Yibaneh

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Judaism is a religion built upon many important values and principles. One such value is Olam Chesed Yibaneh, which translates to “I will build this world with kindness” in English. This article explains what it means in both literal and philanthropic contexts, and how it is an integral part of Jewish belief and tradition. DONATE…

Que signifie Hachnasat Orchim et pourquoi est-ce important ?

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Hachnasat Orchim, also known as welcoming guests or hospitality, is a fundamental value that holds great significance to both the philanthropic and spiritual aspects of Judaism. Many Israeli families practice it with the help of Jewish non-profit charity organizations, although even individual, everyday acts of loving kindness to friends, family, and strangers can fulfill this…


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