May 22, 2024

Give your Purim Charity to the Poor in Israel

Colel Chabad Food Security Card

and fulfill your mitzvah of matanat l’evyonim even if it’s long before or after the holiday

Every coin collected by Colel Chabad used to take a long, long journey. 

When Colel Chabad began collecting for Israel’s neediest families – all the way back in 1788 – every coin had a long journey ahead. Every donation needed to be collected, exchanged, prepared…and then take the long journey from across the ocean to Jerusalem. Then, when the money came, Colel Chabad’s team needed to buy the food items families needed, package it, deliver it…and that was if they could find the items they needed. Not everything was always available. 

Back then, it took months from when someone gave charity until their gift actually could actually arrive at the home of a poor family in Israel. 

In the 250-year span of Colel Chabad’s history, the mission has remained the same: to provide vital humanitarian assistance, food security and social support to needy families in Israel. 

One thing HAS changed though. Today, your dollars don’t take months to make an impact. They take mere minutes. 

Yes – minutes. Even seconds. 

How is it possible to make such a quick and powerful impact? 

The pillar of Colel Chabad’s work is creating food security to ensure that every young child, worried parent, confused immigrant and lonely Holocaust survivor does not go hungry. 

Initially, the organization provided crates of dry goods to stock a family’s pantry. The system worked in the sense that every person had the nutrients and food items they needed…but it came at a cost. 

Families felt different – they felt needy. Their choices were limited. They did not have the luxury of shopping in a grocery store like their friends.

And as much as it’s important to help every Jew in Israel get the assistance they need – it’s also important to ensure it’s done with dignity. 

That’s why Colel Chabad eventually introduced the food cards. They function as gift cards to local supermarkets, so instead of getting a package delivered, families can use it on their own, for whatever they need. 

37,000 families across Israel receive these cards every month. With the cards, their access to nutritional, healthy foods does not come at the compromise of their dignity. They can have both, especially during financially challenging times like preparing for the holidays of Purim or Passover (Pesach). 

And because of the cards, your charity to Israel has an immediate impact. You donate and it goes to refill the card in someone’s pocket. It can go from your credit card to a family’s home within literal minutes. 

Your generosity is especially needed during times like Purim and Pesach, seasons when families struggle to celebrate. In fact, part of the requirements for celebrating both holidays is to give gifts to the poor. It’s not only about costumes, mishloach manot, reading the Megillah or buying matzah and holding a seder. 

Our mitzvot for the holiday include “Matanot L’evoynim” and “Machazits Hashekel” looking out for our brothers and sisters to make sure everyone in need has the holiday necessities. 

Because our joy is not complete if we know our family members are suffering – and the true holiday celebration comes from knowing we did our part to look out for others.

What if you want to prepare by giving your Purim charity beforehand? Or missed the mitzvah on the holiday and want to make up for it afterward? 

Actually – giving charity to Israel before Purim is even better. 

No one wants a poor family to spend the entire day wondering if they’ll have enough for their festive meal. That’s why Colel Chabad distributes the funds in advance. 

The organization lays out the money to refill the gift cards of Israel’s families – and then your donations help fulfill the pledge. 

And if you’re donating afterward, yes, you still fulfill your mitzvah retroactively. Back in the times of the Beit Hamikdash, the Kohanim would set aside extra money for donations. That way, if someone later came and said, “Oh no, I missed my chance,” they could pay the Kohen back – and still be counted as though they gave on the day. 

So whether you’re giving before, after or ON the holidays of Purim and Passover, your donation helps you fulfill the mitzvot of the holiday and immediately travels to the home of a poor family. In just minutes, you’re not only giving practical help. You’re giving kindness and hope. 

Fulfill your Purim and Passover obligations of “gifts to the poor” by donating to Colel Chabad today. Your gift gives vital hope to Israel’s poorest families with an immediate, profound impact.


Pledge Card Encouraging People to Give Purim Charity

This pledge card was placed in synagogues around the world during the first half of the last century, encouraging people to give their Purim and Passover charity to poor families in Israel. Imagine how long the money took to arrive…versus how instantly you can make an impact today


Yizkor Donation

בַּעֲבוּר שֶׁבְּלִי נֶדֶר אֶתֵּן צְדָקָה