July 25, 2024

Food Cards exclusively for Baby Formula

Its the perfect formula. Baby formula should not need to be shoplifted​

Baby Formula for Poor Families

Nutrition security is a significant challenge for many Jews of any age. But when it’s perhaps most life-altering is during infancy. This time of foundational growth calls for abundant vitamins, minerals, and proteins to ensure a robust and healthy start in life.

But not everyone gets a fair chance. Jewish charities in Israel like ours are well aware of the disparity families face when raising a new child. Food insecurity is a genuine threat, and without the necessary resources to provide nutritious diets, parents often cannot ensure their children’s health.

Nutrition insecurity has become such a problem in Israel that some stores now lock up their baby formula to prevent theft.

But it begs the question: is that theft or a cry for help?

Colel Chabad’s Baby Formula Program

Colel Chabad believes no baby or child should ever be without the nutrition they need to grow. That’s why we’ve partnered with the government of Israel to run our baby formula program—a simple yet incredibly impactful initiative that provides comfort to mothers in need knowing they can access nutrition for their babies.

Eligible families can choose the brand of formula they need and arrange pickup at their local grocer. We cover the entire cost of the formula through your donations, which the government matches by 100%. Effectively doubling the good an act of Chabad charity can do, this system combines community and governmental resources to ensure no child ever has to go without the nutrition they need.

It’s just one of the ways that Colel Chabad is working with Israeli citizens and government agencies alike, utilizing multiple channels of compassion and generosity to ensure every child in Israel has a chance to grow and thrive.

Shocking Footage: see what mothers in Israel need to do

Why Donate to Israeli Charities That Focus On Nutrition Security for Infants?

Knowing where to donate baby formula in your community is one thing, but knowing how to make your dollar stretch as far as possible for the same cause can do so much more good. 

As a well-established charity organization, Colel Chabad is equipped to provide baby formula and the nutrition security it brings to poor families across Israel. 

Our Jewish charity runs a host of non-profit charitable programs and fundraising initiatives. Through its close relationship with the Israeli government, we help enrich the lives of thousands of people in the community.

When you donate to Colel Chabad, you invest in today’s children and the Israel of tomorrow. We believe that together, our community has the power to create a better future for the country by providing critical resources and support to its neediest citizens now.

Make Your Donation Matter

Among the most reputable Jewish organizations to donate to, you can’t go wrong by choosing Colel Chabad for your act of giving. We are considered among the best charities to support Israel and have decades of experience providing crucial assistance to those who need it most.

If you’re interested in giving back to the community but are unsure where to donate, baby formula is undoubtedly the best place to start.

Join our Jewish charity by responding to families’ dire need for nutritional, financial, and moral support today. Online donations are the backbone of what we do – get started with yours today.

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