July 25, 2024

Nutrition is our number one priority.

a program that impacts on the lives of thousands households seeking to emerge from the cycle of poverty.


There are plenty of ways to donate to poor in Israel, but few make as tangible of a difference as Colel Chabad’s Meals on Wheels. A program that impacts the lives of thousands of households seeking to emerge from the cycle of poverty, this staple initiative empowers those in need with the essential elements of a healthy diet.

Nutrition Security From Jewish Charities in Israel Remains Critical

There is no shortage of Israeli charitable organizations working tirelessly to ensure nutrition security for vulnerable members of society, yet the population is still underserved. The need for food insecurity assistance has been growing in recent years due to rising unemployment and economic hardship.

Making a Difference With Meals-On-Wheels

Colel Chabad’s Meals on Wheels operates as an efficient, proactive service, actively reaching out to families and individuals who lack the means or capacity to adequately provide for themselves.

The program has profoundly impacted countless lives in Israel, providing those who have fallen through the cracks with basic nutrition that might otherwise be unattainable.

Beyond immediate sustenance, Meals on Wheels also plays a critical role in helping individuals transition out of poverty. By providing basic needs and significantly reducing food costs, the program allows recipients to free up resources that can be directed toward other areas, such as housing and employment.

How Our Israeli Charity Makes Nutrition Security Possible

As a purpose-founded charity for Israel and the Jewish community, Colel Chabad is the most meaningful way to donate to poor in Israel while serving the tenets of the faith. We’ve run charitable programs like this for decades and have built up an impressive network of donors and volunteers ready to contribute their time, energy, and money to make Israel a better place.

A dedicated call center enables clients to connect with nutrition experts, food security specialists, and others who can support them throughout their journey. This provides a safe space for vulnerable populations to share their stories and receive the help they need.

Choosing to donate to Jewish charities as well-established as ours ensures your dollar can go further – 25¢ is all that’s needed to provide a warm plate of food to the Jewish community’s oldest, youngest, and most needy members.

How to Donate to Meals on Wheels

Acts of Chabad donation and tzedakah donation make our Meals on Wheels program possible. Join us in making an impactful difference for Jews suffering from poor nutrition security today.


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