July 25, 2024

Nutrition is our number one priority.

a program that impacts on the lives of thousands households seeking to emerge from the cycle of poverty.

Non-Profit Supermarkets

For the most privileged among us, a trip to the grocery store is nothing more than a regular excursion. It’s a chance to shop around and pick out whatever looks good. But for Israeli families who face nutrition insecurity, it’s a painful reminder of just how hard survival can be. They are hit particularly hard by rising food costs and limited local resources, the impacts of which have only been exacerbated by recent economic crises. Colel Chabad sees this vulnerability as a call to action, providing much-needed food assistance to Jews who cannot make ends meet through nonprofit supermarket charitable programs.

Nutrition Security In Israel

It’s worth emphasizing that food security and nutrition security are different. The latter should always be the goal — we all thrive most when we have the substance and the nourishment needed to function at full capacity.

To that end, not all Israeli charity organizations take a holistic approach to their charitable programs. Ensuring nutrition security for those in need goes beyond offering packing canned or dry goods or running a soup kitchen. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the needs and resources of those we serve. 

Generating Nutrition Security with Non Profit Supermarket Initiatives

As a leader among Jewish charities in Israel, Colel Chabad understands that those facing food insecurity often lack access to nutritionally balanced meals, fresh produce, baby formula, and other vital nutrients necessary for good health and well-being. Our non-profit supermarket system makes it easy.

Through fundraising efforts, online donations, government partnerships and donation programs, we can serve hundreds of Israeli families with over 600 staple household grocery items regularly. These items are the same ones you might find at a traditional store —  discounted to as much as 46% below retail prices.

We don’t ask questions, and no proof of financial need is required. Instead, families can pick up the items they need – from fruits and vegetables to grains and proteins – all without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.

Every non-profit supermarket Colel Chabad operates makes a difference for thousands of impoverished households across Israel. Children shouldn’t go to school on an empty stomach, and parents can rest assured that their families are getting the nutrition they need to stay healthy. Significant savings on monthly groceries can go into other key areas of life.

There’s a Colel Chabad Non-Profit Supermarket Around Every Corner

Being one of the most well-established Jewish charities in Israel, we at Colel Chabad are uniquely equipped to support nutrition security on a national level. Our five nonprofit supermarket locations operate in some of the country’s most impoverished areas, ensuring that no one is too far away from discounted groceries. Meals on Wheels can take essential sustenance even further.

  • The Ades Family Market, Shammai 6, Elad
  • The Flacks Family Market, Zuheil 1, Beitar
  • The Popack Family Market, Industrial Zone 13, Tzefat
  • The Bnei Brak Market, King Solomon 31, Bnei Brak
  • The Slager Online Market, HaKatzir 3 Beer Tuvia, Kiryat Malachi

Make Your Act of Chabad Charity Count

Those who donate to poor in Israel through Colel Chabad know that their gifts are always put to good use, no matter how they choose to give. Support our nonprofit supermarket program today, donate online.

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