July 25, 2024

Hospital Programs for Children

Hospital Programs for Children

The most disparaged children in the world are children in hospitals – boys and girls stricken with chronic or life-threatening illnesses.

Forgotten by their healthy peers, they languish in juvenile wards, suffering through pain, invasive procedures, chemotherapy, confinement, and a lack of mobility. Joyous seasons like Chanukah and summertime are incredibly challenging for those whose bodies will not allow them to enjoy life to its fullest.

Our Hospital Programs for Children

Colel Chabad’s Hospital Program for Children brings the joy of summer camp and Chanukah to the medical facilities where children receive treatment for serious conditions and illnesses. A significant initiative among Israel charity organizations, we put in effort year-round to brighten the spirits of young Jews – whatever battle they may be fighting.

Jewish Children’s Charity Programs for Chanukah

On Chanukah, Colel Chabad staff and volunteers visit sickly children with plenty of toys in tow. The gifts are designed to help pass the time in a meaningful way while providing an experience of joy and togetherness that they often lack due to their condition. 

Colel Chabad also coordinates fun visits from clowns and musicians, along with candies and cakes, dancing, skits, and other activities to create a celebratory mood in local hospitals.

Being one of the most well-known Jewish organizations to donate to, Colel Chabad can support thousands. Our Chanukah hospital programs for children alone cover eight hospitals and 16 children’s institutions, serving over 2,638 kids annually. Our 60 volunteers ensure there are just as many gifts to go around.

Summertime Hospital Programs for Children

For most children, the summertime is an opportunity for non-stop fun and adventure outdoors. Camp marks a right of passage, while the long days of sunshine provide an ideal backdrop. But for those kids who are ill, summer can be very lonely and depressing. 

That’s why Colel Chabad puts on special charity programs geared towards hospitalized children that mimic elements of traditional summer camp as much as possible.

Our Jewish charity, alongside other Jewish charities in Israel, invests a wealth of time and funds into planning on-site camps in hospital playrooms, complete with shirts, hats, and camp counselors. Children get the opportunity to gather around the proverbial campfire to sing songs, play games, enjoy special performances, and so much more.

Those who can leave the hospital for the day receive transportation to guided tours, entertainment activities, and educational classes tailored to their specific circumstances. Our goal is to give these children a chance to have fun, socialize, and participate in activities enjoyed by other kids their age.

It’s safe to say no Jewish charities for children go as far as we do to make a difference. Colel Chabad’s summertime charitable programs and initiatives reach seven hospitals and 12 children’s institutions across Israel, serving roughly 1,476 kids with the help of 48 volunteers.

Your Children’s Hospital Donation Makes a Difference

Ask doctors, nurses, parents, or even the kids themselves, and they’ll tell you that our hospital programs for children change lives. Hope is revitalized through the light they bring, appetites are renewed, and curiosity and excitement are reborn. Chanukah and camp celebrations are important to every child, but they are truly a new lease on life for these children.

As a non-profit, Colel Chabad’s fundraising efforts are critical to continuing the work we do. By donating to our hospital programs for children, you will donate to Israel and its future. Get started today.

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