May 22, 2024

Lets make a difference, “from your table to theirs.

THE WINE: Colel Chabad’s 2020 Chesed Cabernet Sauvignon Mourvedre is proudly produced in the holy land of Israel among the tall mountains of the Gush Etzion ancient vine growing region. This smooth yet robust barrel-aged wine complements the finest of dining experiences and is a staple of the Shabbat table.

As you enjoy this bottle, you are fulfilling a great act of Chesed חסד (kindness) by feeding Israel’s needy “from your table to theirs.”
THE CAUSE: Founded in 1788 by the Alter Rebbe, Colel Chabad provides life preserving and dignified assistance to Israel’s neediest regardless of gender, age, marital status, ethnicity or religious observance. Colel Chabad fights hunger daily and offers a comprehensive range of material and social services for widowed and indigent families, Holocaust survivors, immigrants, and the chronically ill. As one of the most efficient charities in the world, Colel Chabad maximizes its impact through strategic partnerships and a vast volunteer network.

Your generous gift is tax deductable to the fullest extent of the law in the United States. Click here for Australia, Canada, Israel, United Kingdom.


Yizkor Donation

בַּעֲבוּר שֶׁבְּלִי נֶדֶר אֶתֵּן צְדָקָה