July 18, 2024

No one should have to choose between eating and heating

Home Heating Program

Heating is one of many things on Israeli families’ list of living expenses. It’s also one of the most critical, being necessary to survival come wintertime and maintaining the conditions any human being needs to live meaningfully.

Yet countless households across the nation face heating insecurity every year. Most homes are built without central heating, while those made out of concrete and stone or in the mountainous North can’t insulate the cold properly.

For poor households, heating is unaffordable. They have no spare money for space heaters, let alone the fuel or electricity needed to operate them. Threadbare clothing and thin blankets are inadequate, especially for the young and the old.

It’s up to Israel charity organizations like Colel Chabad to meet these individuals where they are with reliable resources, special services, and support — and that’s exactly what we offer through our winter aid and home heating program.

Colel Chabad Home Heating Program

We can all donate to the poor in Israel and make a difference. But sometimes, what the disadvantaged need more than anything else is infrastructure. Cold winters aren’t kind to our nation’s poorest, who are particularly ill-equipped to bear multiple months of freezing temperatures.

Colel Chabad is proud to be one of few Israeli charitable organizations offering needy individuals comprehensive winter aid through subsidies for fuel and electricity, free clothing and blankets, and even new heating systems.

The need for these resources is great. Our winter aid programs have benefited hundreds of families, from those living in the remote North to those huddled in poverty-stricken urban neighborhoods. We are their lifeline as they try to make it through the winter with dignity.

Donate to Israeli Charities This Winter

Our non-profit relies heavily on fundraising and online donations to do the work it does every day. As the oldest organization of its kind, we’re among the best Jewish organizations to donate to if you’re looking to make a difference. 

Every act of charity is invaluable in helping to make sure that no one in our society is left out in the cold.

Donate to Israel and its most needy by supporting Colel Chabad’s winter aid and home heating program today. 

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