July 18, 2024

Nutrition is our
number one priority.

Because no child, no senior citizen, no new immigrant, no man or woman who is down on their luck should ever go hungry.

Nutrition Security

Colel Chabad, in partnership with the Joint Distribution Committee, has been entrusted by the Israeli Government with the lofty task of eliminating hunger among the country’s neediest. Our nationwide undertaking is now in its sixth year, spanning 239 municipalities and providing thousands of meals each month to elderly people living alone on limited incomes, families with children who cannot afford to purchase sufficient food, and Holocaust survivors.

What We’ve Accomplished Together

Colel Chabad has placed nutrition at the top of its priority list since its founding in 1788. We believe that being a charity for Israel means ensuring the future of its people is healthy and prosperous.

Over the past two centuries, we have provided millions of meals to communities in need. We continue to work diligently with our partners and donors to provide food for those who need it most.

We’ve also developed a network of food banks and pantries throughout the country, providing meals to homebound seniors and helping families keep food on the table during hard times.

Two Women Volunteers Helping to Pack Food for the Needy

Israel’s National Food Security Initiative

Colel Chabad leads Jewish charities in Israel by partnering with the government’s National Food Security Initiative. This highly-impactful program makes a significant difference in the lives of those who struggle with attaining and maintaining nutritional independence.

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Colel Chabad Soup Kitchens

Soup Kitchens

Colel Chabad’s network of Soup Kitchens is one of many Israeli programs we run with the goal of supporting underserved Jews. Together, our volunteers and fundraisers provide nutrition security to over 3,400 indigent men and women every day of the year, free of charge.

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Woman with her Daughter Shopping at Colel Chabad Non-Profit Supermarket

Household Groceries

Over 8,500 impoverished families throughout Israel receive monthly deliveries of essential kitchen staples through our Household Groceries Program. Another 26,130 families carry a Colel Chabad Eshel credit card – enabling them to shop at major supermarkets worry-free.

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Man Carrying Bags with Food for Colel Chabad Meals-on-Wheels


A unique service among those offered by Israeli charitable organizations today, Colel Chabad’s Meals on Wheels program delivers hot meals to the doorsteps of elderly, physically challenged, and homebound individuals multiple days a week.

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Old Woman Shopping at Colel Chabad Non-Profit Supermarket

Non-Profit Supermarkets

Few Jewish charities in Israel can say they have their own non-profit supermarkets. Colel’s Chabad stocks various quality items at heavily discounted prices, making it easier for the needy to put nutritious food on the table.

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Two Volunteers Carrying a Box with Food for the Poor

Pantry Packers

Colel Chabad doesn’t just make it easy to fiscally donate to Israel – we also facilitate robust volunteer efforts for those who wish to contribute their time to the cause. Our Jerusalem-based Pantry Packers plant is popular among tourists, locals, and long-term volunteer staff alike.

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Baby Formula

Baby Formula

While soup kitchens are a staple among the programs offered by Israel charity organizations, we recognize a specialized need for baby formula due to its high cost. Colel Chabad provides 3,000 impoverished single mothers monthly cards to buy baby formula, ensuring that infants and young children have the nutrition they need to grow healthy and strong.

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Donate to Israeli Charities That Make a Difference

Looking for your next Chabad donation opportunity? Or maybe the absolute best charities to support Israel through? Look no further than here. 

Colel Chabad is one of the best Jewish organizations to donate to if you want to make a tangible difference in Israel. Our charity organization is the oldest of its kind in the region, and all funds raised go directly to helping those who need support.

Help us keep soup kitchens running, meals-on-wheels rolling, and nutritional independence strong in the Jewish community by registering for online donations today.

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