Nutrition is our
number one priority.

Because no child, no senior citizen, no new immigrant, no man or woman who is down on their luck should ever go hungry.

Nutrition Security

Colel Chabad, in partnership with the Joint Distribution Committee, has been designated by the Israeli Government to take charge of eliminating hunger among Israel’s neediest. This nationwide undertaking is now in its sixth year, with 239 municipalities included. The program provides for the chronically dysfunctional, while empowering others to take control of their lives and achieve nutritional independence.

Colel Chabad Soup Kitchens

Soup Kitchens

Colel Chabad’s network of 22 Soup Kitchens serves fresh, nutritious, home style meals every day of the year free of charge, to over 3,400 indigent men and women…

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Woman with her Daughter Shopping at Colel Chabad Non-Profit Supermarket

Household Groceries

Some 8,500 impoverished families throughout Israel receive monthly deliveries of their grocery needs. 26,130 families carry the Colel Chabad Eshel credit card that enables them to shop at major supermarkets…

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Man Carrying Bags with Food for Colel Chabad Meals-on-Wheels


Colel Chabad’s Meals on Wheels program is a customized and highly personal service that caters to the nutritional needs of the homebound indigent and senior citizen…

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Old Woman Shopping at Colel Chabad Non-Profit Supermarket

Non-Profit Supermarkets

The Colel Chabad Non-Profit Supermarkets stock 600 staple grocery and household items that are sold to poor and near poor families at a savings of 40% below retail…

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Two Volunteers Carrying a Box with Food for the Poor

Pantry Packers

Pantry Packers is Colel Chabad’s Jerusalem based plant where tourists volunteer to pack dried food staples such as rice and beans, that are then included in the Household Deliveries…

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Fast Fact

22 Soup Kitchens
providing nourishing hot meals daily to over 3,400 indigent elderly and homebound
What we've accomplished with your help:

Since its founding in 1788 Colel Chabad has always placed nutrition at the top of its priorities. Today Colel Chabad operates a myriad of programs to make sure Israel’s neediest don’t go hungry. These range from our proprietary network of 22 free soup kitchens, to home delivery of hot meals to homebound seniors, to monthly food crates that provide for an entire family, to low cost supermarkets where the poor can shop while saving 40% on their purchases, to holiday food deliveries for the near poor.

What is still left to do:

There is still much to be done in order to achieve total food security for all of Israel’s poor and near poor citizens. In the coming years Colel Chabad plans to open additional subsidized supermarkets in poor neighborhoods, build additional soup kitchens for senior citizens and dysfunctional people, expand its distribution of monthly groceries to reach more needy families, and to expand its holiday food distribution program.

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