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Colel Chabad fills the gaps for Israel's poor.

Dental Care

While Israel is justifiably famous for its socialized medicine — among the best coverage in the world — dental care is not included for all. While young children are now getting free basic dental care, the vast majority of Israelis are on their own. 

This has been a problem for the poor who must give priority to food and rent, putting preventive and remedial dental care out of reach.

Colel Chabad rises to the challenge through its nine dental clinics to serve Israel’s neediest. Here the poor and near poor can come for quality preventive and remedial dental treatment.

The deeply subsidized prices make oral hygiene affordable for thousands of adults who would otherwise have no recourse.

Subsidized Pediatric Dental Clinics at a Glance:
  • Locations:

    • Afula
    • Akko
    • Ashdod
    • Beitar
    • Chatzor
    • Jerusalem
    • Kiryat Arba
    • Migdal Ha’emek
    • Netanya

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