July 18, 2024

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Colel Chabad fills the gaps for Israel's poor.

Dental Care

Imagine having to choose between groceries and an essential tooth extraction. You might not have to worry about making the decision, but it’s one of many tough realities underprivileged Israeli families face today.

Colel Chabad medical services bridge the gap for households who might otherwise be unable to afford out-of-pocket care. Our nine Colel Chabad dental clinics operate across Israel, providing essential preventive and remedial treatments for common oral health issues.

When Dental Care and Medical Services Aren’t Guaranteed

Israel is well-known for its socialized medicine — a world-class system that affords citizens access to essential treatment regardless of their economic status.

Not everything is free, though.

Dental care remains one of several special medical services left uncovered by government health programs. While young children are now getting free basic dental care, most Israelis must foot the costs alone. 

This presents a unique challenge to those in poverty, who may struggle to get the care they need. For them, it’s a matter of deciding between critical monthly expenses like food or rent and a trip to the dentist, with the former often taking priority.

The mission of our Colel Chabad dental clinics is to provide accessible, quality oral health care and education. We serve as a bridge between the public and private healthcare sectors, offering affordable dental services for youth, families, and single individuals in nine communities nationwide.

Where Colel Chabad is Making a Difference

Choosing to donate to Jewish charities is a commendable decision no matter how you give, but it’s especially meaningful when that money goes towards an underserved cause like dental care. Colel Chabad dental clinics have proven essential to Jewish Israeli families in need across Israel.

Colel Chabad dental clinics currently operate in nine local communities:

  • Afula
  • Akko
  • Ashdod
  • Beitar
  • Chatzor
  • Jerusalem
  • Kiryat Arba
  • Migdal Ha’emek
  • Netanya

Donate to Jewish Charities In an Impactful way

As one of the oldest Jewish charities in Israel, Colel Chabad has a long history of administering non-profit services and charitable programs to our country’s neediest communities. Fundraising and online donations serve as the main sustenance for these initiatives.

You can help us and countless other Israeli charitable organizations by donating to Colel Chabad. We provide a variety of ways to get involved, from donations in honor of special occasions, sponsorships, corporate partnerships, and more. Your generosity helps us continue our life-saving work throughout the world of Jewry. Give today.

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