June 10, 2024

A growing network of daycare centers

means love for the children and peace of mind for their working moms.

Daycare Centers

For countless Israeli families, especially those led by single mothers, maintaining stable employment is an economic necessity and a matter of personal dignity. However, the lack of trustworthy daycare for infants and preschoolers often renders employment an attainable dream for many struggling mothers.

A Beacon of Hope: Colel Chabad’s Child Daycare Charity Initiative

Understanding these families’ challenges, Colel Chabad has taken the initiative to support these hard-working mothers. Through the Larissa Blavatnik Network of Daycare Centers, Colel Chabad ensures every child receives compassionate care regardless of background, affiliation, or religious observance. The main criteria? Need. 

The Larissa Blavatnik Network of Daycare Centers

Spanning 16 strategic locations and serving 970 children, our network of daycare locations for needy children epitomizes Colel Chabad’s commitment to Israel’s future.

Our Daycare Locations for Needy Children in Israel

  1. The Myra York Daycare Center – Afula
  2. The Stieglitz Educational Campus – Ashdod
  3. The Luxenberg Early Childhood Center – Ashdod
  4. The Chaya Mushka Day Care Center – Ashkelon
  5. The Steve Kramer Day Care Center – Beitar
  6. The Barry and Miriam Menin Early Childhood Center – Beitar
  7. Bigman Family Day Care Center – Karmiel
  8. The Fisher Family Early Childhood Center – Karmiel
  9. Shmuel Issac Popack Early Childhood Center – Kfar Chabad
  10. The Fruchter Daycare Center – Kiryat Bialik
  11. Hayim Mordehai Kohen z”l Day Care Center – Lod
  12. The Luxenberg Daycare Center – Migdal Haemek
  13. The Ateret Rus Day Care Center at the 100 Mile Man Day Care Center – Rishon LeZion
  14. The Chaya Mushka Day Care Center – Safed
  15. The Luxenberg Daycare Center – Sderot
  16. The York Family Daycare Center – Yavne


These centers serve as lifelines for mothers who must work and are supporting their families on minimum wages. Every child admitted is assured of boundless love, nutritious meals, and quality care. 

Learn more about the history of Colel Chabad’s enduring commitment to Israel’s needy.

Hope for Israel’s Needy Children

Every child deserves a chance at a brighter future, and every mother deserves the support to make it happen. Our child daycare charity program offers this to families in Israel. As a renowned charity organization, Colel Chabad ensures your contributions create meaningful impacts on lives.

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