July 18, 2024

Addressing a range of niche needs that are often ignored

Special & Seasonal Services

Like everyone else, disadvantaged members of the Jewish community need basic necessities to survive. But sometimes, affording the most basic of needs can be a challenge. Fortunately, Israel charity organizations like Colel Chabad have risen to meet this challenge and help fill the gaps left by limited government assistance. 

Colel Chabad’s charitable programs provide food, shelter, and basic necessities to those living in poverty throughout Israel.

Our Acts of Charity for Israel

Colel Chabad is never content to rest on its laurels. We are always on the lookout for gaps that need to be filled in the provision of social services to the needy. Donating to Israeli charities like ours means investing in a future for vulnerable populations. 

We offer:

View of Colel Chabad Gutnick & Hadar Wedding Hall

Weddings for the Needy

Colel Chabad subsidizes 420 weddings for young couples who face the risk of debt every year. Our Israeli charity manages two elegant wedding halls that serve as a dignified setting in which couples can begin their new lives together.

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Immigrant Programs

Immigrant programs are one of many Jewish charity initiatives we undertake in an effort to support our brothers and sisters in Israel. We offer newcomers assistance with everything from housing, employment, and schooling to language learning and vocational training.

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Home Heating

Most homes in Israel do not have central heating. The winter months are an unbearable hardship for those living in poverty without access to supplemental heating sources. Colel Chabad’s home heating program provides families with resources to stay warm throughout the year’s coldest days.

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Hospital Programs For Children

Hospital Programs for children

Colel Chabad is one of few Israeli charitable organizations with multiple programs for ill children. We understand the unique plight faced by families with hospitalized children—we are proud to offer them Chanukah and summer camp packages and periodic visits to their bedsides.

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Summer Camps

Summer Camps

For children without father figures or those from families that struggle financially, the opportunity to take part in something like summer camp can be life-changing. We are proud to offer hundreds of children access to quality summer camp experiences each year.

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Interest-Free Loans

Colel Chabad Interest-Free Loans

The goal of Colel Chabad is to help empower communities by providing access to financial resources without the burden of interest or fees. Through this program, individuals receive the support they need to acquire new skills, open a small business, purchase a home, or simply make ends meet.

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Colel Chabad offers scholarships to help those who have limited resources or need assistance in attending college or university. It’s our goal to support young Jews of all backgrounds as they move to pursue the opportunities that come with higher education.

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Gett Chesed

Loneliness can be devastating, especially during times of stress or grief. Through Gett Chesed, Colel Chabad supports those in need of a shoulder to lean on and a helping hand. Our charity organization is committed to providing companionship and comfort to individuals who need it most.

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Donate to Israel Through Colel Chabad

As impactful as our Chabad charity efforts have been to date, there is still so much more to do. Every effort to donate to Jewish charities is an investment in our community and the future of our people.

Colel Chabad is limited only by the funds made available by caring people all over the world – the more you can help, the more we can do.

When evaluating Jewish organizations to donate to, it’s important to put integrity above all else. Colel Chabad leads Jewish charities in Israel not only in this respect, but also in the sheer scope of our charitable efforts. Ongoing fundraising efforts, as well as Chabad donation and Tzedakah donation boxes, all make it easy for people to give back in a meaningful way.

As a non-profit, Colel Chabad is heavily reliant on online donations from people like you. Whether you give a small amount or a large one, your contribution will make an incredible impact. Get started today and make a donation.

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