July 18, 2024

The Torah places special emphasis on widows and orphans.

Which is why they are our #1 priority

Widows and Orphans Charity

Jewish widows and orphans face some of the most difficult challenges in life. With no husband or father in the picture, they are at risk on multiple levels. The first and most impactful threat is food insecurity; no family to rely on means these women and children often struggle to find enough money to buy food, let alone additional resources. Widows and orphaned children also wrestle with enormous social barriers, issues with depression and feelings of isolation.

Donate to Jewish Charities That Support Widows and Orphans

Despite their harsh reality, countless Jewish charities in Israel exist to help widows and orphans gain access to financial, social, and emotional resources. Colel Chabad is an Israeli charity, having supported underserved groups like these through Chabad and Tzedakah donation programs since 1788.

What Colel Chabad Has Accomplished So Far

When you donate to Israeli charities like ours, you do much more than provide for the immediate needs of Jewish widows and orphans. By donating to us, you are investing in their future by helping them build assets enabling a more secure existence.

Colel Chabad has an impressive track record in supporting underserved Jews. Our Tzedakah charitable programs have provided 327 young widows and 949 orphaned children with emotional and material support over recent years. 

Considering their direct impact on the community’s most vulnerable, one could argue that our widows and orphans charity programs are one of the best ways to donate to Israel if you want to make a real difference.

Widows and Orphans Charity Initiatives You Can Support

Colel Chabad is one of few Jewish charities in Israel that takes a holistic approach to helping widows and orphans. As a Chabad charity, food security is considered our top priority. But beyond that, we also work to support the vulnerable in other ways, such as:

Waiter Holding a Food Tray at a Wedding for Orphans Reception

Weddings for Orphan Brides and Grooms

The best charities to support Israel will focus on connecting orphans with loving families. Colel Chabad provides wedding ceremonies and receptions for those who have been adopted, allowing them to experience the joy of marriage without worrying about the financial burden.

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Two Women Posing for a Photo at Colel Chabad Retreat for Widows

Retreats for Widows

Not all Israel charity organizations remember to support the plight of widowed women, but Colel Chabad does. We organize retreats for bereaved women to provide them with the opportunity to bond and heal from their loss in a supportive, welcoming environment.

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A Charity for Widows and Orphans You Can Trust

When searching for reputable Jewish organizations to donate to, you want to ensure that the one you choose is a true charity for Israel – supporting not only the key tenets of the Jewish faith but also every corner of the community.

Colel Chabad is an easy decision for those who wish to donate to the poor in Israel in a meaningful and impactful way. Although there are many Israeli charitable organizations, organizations that help widows and orphans are rare.

Support Colel Chabad Today

The Colel Chabad charity organization and numerous other Israel charities work hard daily to deliver life-changing assistance to those in need. But despite great progress in our mission, there is still much more to do. 

Online donations are the driving force behind it all. By donating today, you’re helping us make a difference for widows and orphans in Israel, providing them with vital programs that have proven to change lives. Get started today!

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