May 22, 2024

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Colel Chabad Scholarships: Creating New Leadership for Russian-Speaking Jewry

When the Iron Curtain fell and the Soviet Union disbanded, millions of Jews who knew little about their faith, culture, language, or history found themselves searching for answers. It prompted a large migration of Russian-speaking Jews to Israel and established the foundation for a new generation of leaders in the faith.

Even decades later, Colel Chabad remains hyper-aware of the importance of supporting individuals as they transition from one region to another. Although from a different place, these people share the same fundamental beliefs as Israelis and face just as many questions and challenges as they try to fit into a new world.

A One-of-a-Kind Israel Charity Organization

That’s why Colel Chabad launched its Scholarships for Russian-speaking Jews – a one-of-a-kind program among Israel charity organizations that works to bridge the cultural gap between Russian-speaking and native Israelis.

Through Colel Chabad Scholarships, individuals who have emigrated to Israel from Russia are given a unique opportunity to learn about their faith in an environment that feels safe and comfortable. 

Students at both the Fenya Krugman Jewish Women’s Leadership Institute for Women and the Dodke Strous Russian Leadership Training Institute for Men receive 100% tuition scholarships and learn from lecturers who understand their cultural backgrounds. They also have the chance to meet with rabbis, attend special events, and gain insight into Jewish tradition – all while staying true to their Russian roots.

Colel Chabad Scholarships for Russian Jews 

Scholarships for Jews are important in any context, but especially so when it comes to Russian Jews. Otherwise forgotten by Israeli charitable organizations, they require the support of outside donors to access the education and resources they need to transition into a meaningful and secure life. 

Our Jewish organization is one of few Jewish charities in Israel to offer scholarships for Russian-speaking Jews, empowering an entire community to take leadership in their professional and personal endeavors.

Fenya Krugman Jewish Women’s Leadership Institute

Fenya Krugman is a residential school in Jerusalem for college-age women from the former Soviet Union. The institution allows participants to explore one year of all-expenses-paid Jewish education in Israel before obtaining their university degrees in Russia and Ukraine. 

By providing these Chabad scholarships, we hope to create a strong sense of connectedness among Russian Jewish women and equip them to become religious leaders in communities both domestically in Israel and abroad.

Dodke Strous Russian Leadership Training Institute

Located in Migdal HaEmek, Dodke Strous empowers native Russian-speaking men to become their synagogues and communities’ lay leaders and administrators. Fellows are selected through a rigorous application process and benefit from an intensive one-year program. 

This intensive program includes on-site classes, individual mentorship, and services in scores of communities across Israel during the High Holy Days.

Donate to Israeli Charities, Support the Jewish Faith at Large

Scholarships for Russian-speaking Jews represent just the tip of the iceberg regarding how our Jewish charity supports its community. We aren’t just a charity for Israel but rather one that aims to serve the needs of Jews worldwide.

Colel Chabad is among the most well-known Jewish charities in Israel and is the perfect place to turn when looking to make a difference. Online donations and donation fundraising initiatives allow us to provide cost-free scholarships for Jews and countless other charitable services.

Look no further if you’ve been searching for Jewish organizations to donate to. Colel Chabad is the best of the best charities to support Israel, whether from a domestic perspective or one of worldwide faith.

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