May 18, 2024

A growing network of daycare centers

means love for the children and peace of mind for their working moms.


The streets of Israel echo with the laughter and chatter of children. Amidst these heartwarming sights and sounds, however, a growing concern arises for many poor working parents, particularly single mothers. The challenge? Ensuring their children are in safe, nurturing childcare environments while they work to provide for their families.

Addressing the Childcare Crisis

In Israel, numerous young ones face the risk of neglect or a lack of critical enrichment due to their families’ financial hardships. Children of single mothers are significantly affected, as they often juggle multiple jobs to make ends meet.

Colel Chabad’s Unwavering Childcare Support & Charity Programs

Committed to alleviating this concern, Colel Chabad has been at the forefront of providing outstanding childcare support where it is needed most.

Woman Playing the Piano to Children at Colel Chabad Childcare Center

Daycare Centers

These havens, meant specifically for infants and toddlers, are especially vital for young widows and underprivileged working mothers seeking quality childcare. In the Larissa Blavatnik Network of daycare centers, there are currently 16 strategic locations throughout Israel, serving nearly 1000 children.

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Man Volunteer of Colel Chabad Big Brother/Big Sister Program Posing for a Photo with Young Boy

Big Brother/Big Sister Program

This initiative ensures youth and adolescents from financially challenged backgrounds have mentorship and guardianship, aiding their academic and personal growth. This Jewish charity organization initiative pairs at-risk children with dedicated adult mentors to provide them with support, guidance, and companionship.

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Young Girl Writing on a Chalkboard

After-School Programs

Colel Chabad’s mission continues beyond daycare. We run after-school programs for children aged 6-12 to assist those grappling with socialization challenges, academic hurdles, or tumultuous home life.

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What Is Still Left to Do

Despite these significant strides, the work is still ongoing. The demand for more daycare centers and support for families in Israel is palpable. Scores of children yearn for the joyous experiences of summer camps, and there’s a vision to expand the outreach to more hospitals. Furthermore, the entire nation of Israel echoes the need for increased after-school programs.

With your help and donations, the future is much brighter for the entire nation.

Make Online Donations for Childcare in Israel

Colel Chabad beckons you to join hands in sculpting a brighter future for Israel’s youth. By making donations for childcare, you’re not merely contributing; you’re crafting legacies of change and hope. Donate now, and be a part of this transformative journey.

Stay Informed

See how you and Colel Chabad are making a difference.

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