April 14, 2024

Your Loved Ones Will
NOT Be Forgotten

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Colel Chabad will arrange Kaddish and

 memorial services for a loved one who

 has passed away.

What is Kaddish?

The Kaddish is a deeply meaningful prayer that expresses and reflects the values of the Jewish people. A male mourner is obligated to recite the Mourner’s Kaddish during the three daily prayer services.

This continues for the first eleven months (less one day) for the parent, and for thirty days for other relatives. Kaddish is then said on each Yartzeit (anniversary of passing). 

Make Kaddish Arrangements

If you wish to plan ahead for a future memorial, or are in need of support after the passing of a loved one, Colel Chabad is here to help.

Contact us for more information.

Colel Chabad Rabbi

Kaddish and Memorial Services

Colel Chabad provides a full Kaddish and Memorial service.

In addition, Colel Chabad also provides a complimentary service: To ensure that all the memorials are preserved and documented accurately, Colel Chabad has created an archive that contains records of Jewish life and death. This archive includes a database of Jewish cemeteries and burial records, allowing visitors to locate gravesites and pay tribute to departed loved ones.

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בַּעֲבוּר שֶׁבְּלִי נֶדֶר אֶתֵּן צְדָקָה