A new country.
A new language.
It is easy to feel totally lost.

Immigrant Program & The Blavatnik Absorption Center

Successful absorption of new immigrants — especially older immigrants from the former Soviet Union ­– is a serious challenge.  The language barriers alone seem insurmountable at first. This is compounded by difficulty finding employment and suitable housing.

Colel Chabad’s Blavatnik Absorption Center in central Jerusalem meets these challenges by providing a full range of absorption services to Russian speaking immigrants. These include job counseling, senior programs, a lending library and an evening school to help immigrants integrate more fully with the prevailing culture.

For senior citizens especially, the Blavatnik Absorption Center is a lifeline.  Day and night, older immigrants flock to the Center for employment and housing advice, free hot lunches, and bi-lingual programs.

Immigrant Aid at a glance:
  • Language Programs
  • Vocational Training
  • Housing Assistance
  • Employment Assistance
  • Senior Citizens Programs

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