June 24, 2024

Pidyon Kaparot with Colel Chabad

As we approach this holy period, it’s important to remember the spiritual essence of pidyon kaparot and show our devotion by offering donations that will benefit those in need. No matter where you are or your circumstances, anyone can find a way to give. Taking the time to remember those less fortunate and consider committing to donate to Jewish charities in Israel, like Colel Chabad, is an amazing way to honor the tradition of pidyon kaparot.

A gift of any size provides food, love and comfort to Israel's neediest

A gift of any size provides food, love and comfort to Israel’s neediest

What is Kaparot?

Kaparot, also spelled kapparot or kaporos, is a Hebrew term that directly translates to ‘atonements’ in English. It references the orthodox Jewish practice of atoning for wrongdoing through the symbolic transfer of one’s sins to a chicken or bird. This ritual is commonly performed during the Jewish High Holidays, usually leading up to Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement).

Kaparot is rooted in the Talmud (the ancient authoritative Jewish text) and has been practiced for centuries. Historically, followers of the practice would swing a live chicken over their heads three times while reciting prayers to transfer their sins to the bird. The chicken would then be slaughtered and donated to the poor or given away as charity for its recipient(s) to benefit from atoning for one’s sins.

In modern times, many Jews perform the Kaparot ritual with money instead of a live animal. Its symbolism is not lost through this means, as the funds replace the animal — and a person symbolically transfers their fate onto it. The money collected from this ritual is then donated to charity, enabling people to perform Kaparot with an even greater level of piety.

Donate to Israeli Charities for Pidyon Kaparot

In light of evolving tradition, many Jewish charities in Israel have begun offering Jews alternative ways to practice pidyon kaparot. Donations made to these charities as part of the ritual can help support local causes and those in need, promoting a greater sense of charity during the festival season.

The decision to donate to Israeli charities is arguably the best way to offer pidyon kaparot in today’s day and age. Monetary donations will often go much further than fowl for families with modern needs and bills to pay.

Even Alter Rebbe Shulchan Aruch 605:4 states:

“It is customary to give the [chickens used for] kaparos to the poor. However, it is preferable to redeem them with money and to distribute the money among the poor, so that they will not be embarrassed by being given chickens that were used to secure atonement.”

In other words, money offerings align much more with the sacrificial spirit of pidyon kaparot, and offer a greater sense of tzedakah (charity) and zedaka (righteousness).

Several charities in Israel actively accept donations for pidyon kaparot. In addition to the traditional tzedakah boxes, these organizations offer secure online payment options and even mobile applications that enable donors to give from anywhere in the world.

Donate to Jewish Charities That Make a Difference, Donate to Colel Chabad

Maximize the impact of your pidyon kaparot atonement ritual by donating to the non-profit efforts of Colel Chabad.

Out of the many Jewish organizations to donate to in Israel, Colel Chabad has been around the longest and we are in a great position to make a difference in the lives of Jews across the nation and around the world.

Online donations support the great work that we do through charitable programs year-round. Donate to Israeli charities like Colel Chabad for pidyon kaparot and bring yourself and others extraordinary Brochos today.


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