July 24, 2024

Summer Relief Programs: Embracing Warmth

Colel Chabad’s summer initiatives support families coping with loss through a retreat for single-parent families, funding for orphans’ weddings, educational scholarships, and summer camp opportunities. Amid escalating tensions in the north, preparations are also underway to distribute emergency food kits to provide essential resources and support during this challenging season.

How You Can Help

Financial Assistance for an Orphan’s Wedding

When a parent is lost, the financial burden falls on the now-widowed parent, who is very often still reeling from medical costs and missing work. For a widow or widower, being financially able to afford even a modest wedding for their child becomes a huge struggle and a significant concern for the child. With one parent missing as they walk down the aisle, these children deserve to have this special day in their lives without the financial burden on their shoulders. 

Education Scholarships for Orphan Children

The educational scholarships for children who have lost a parent motivate them to continue their education despite the circumstances. This July, Colel Chabad will host a scholarship award ceremony for children participating in the program based on their marks in progress and learning in the past year.

Summer Retreat for Widows and Orphans

Since October 7, there have been 764 new orphans and 171 widows. To ease the transition for these families, we are hosting 20 new families who have lost their fathers since October, along with 20 families who have been grappling with the loss for longer. This three-day retreat in a fully rented hotel will unite these families to provide comfort and hope as they adjust to their new reality.

Preparations in the North Underway

The escalating situation in the north is potentially putting over a million civilians in harm’s way as the IDF prepares for possible operations. With the project totaling $160,000, Colel Chabad has been working with the municipalities and mayors in the north to arrange 5,000 cases of preliminary food and aid arrangements for schools and shelter locations.

Camp Scholarships for Orphan Children

For many children in single-parent households, summer camp is a luxury and completely out of the question. Sending close to 700 orphaned children to overnight and day camps this year, many of whom have only recently lost a parent due to Oct 7, will completely transform their summer. This program will allow them to forge lifelong friendships and let them be children again.

Summer Camp for Displaced Children

There are close to 70,000 families currently displaced from the north—and the numbers are only rising. As the danger heightens in their homes, many of the fathers away fighting, and money much tighter than usual; they are living in a warzone. For every week a displaced child is able to go to camp, it is another week they are allowed the dignity of their innocent childhood.


Yizkor Donation

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