June 10, 2024

What is the Right Amount of Tzedakah to Give?

Woman Holding a Bag with Donation Items

In Judaism, the act of charitable giving known as Tzedakah is an essential part of our faith. Not only is it a moral obligation, but it is an important part of spiritual living and doing what is right and just as Jews.

The Meaning of Tzedakah & Pushka 

While the word Tzedakah (צְדָקָה ) in Hebrew means righteousness, it is more commonly used to mean charity. It goes hand in hand with Pushka, also known as the Tzedakah box. It’s a small tin can or vessel used to collect Tzedakah donations for worthy causes like education, nutrition assistance, medical expenses, and other essential services. 

How Much Should a Tzedakah Donation Be?

When in doubt about how to incorporate Tzedakah into your budget, you can always seek the advice of someone with experience in religious and charitable acts.

But some guidelines can be followed if you have the means to give beyond the suggested traditional mitzvah of one-third shekel, or under $2. Donate 10% of your yearly income if you have adequate funds, and if you have above adequate, give 20%. For those with substantial wealth, give generously above this. 

Ways to Make Tzedakah Donations Through Colel Chabad

One of the best ways to donate to Jewish charities in Israel is to contribute to Colel Chabad’s many initiatives. 

For over two hundred years, we have been evolving and expanding to support those in need regardless of religious beliefs, gender, marital status, ethnicity, or age. Our mission has always been to offer lifesaving assistance, and our wide range of programs for Tzedakah donations reflects this. 

Rabbi Meir Baal Haness Tzedakah Fund

Named in honor of the late Rabbi Meir Baal Haness, this special Tzedakah fund from Colel Chabad funds numerous important causes, including food banks and shelters.

Renowned as a Jewish sage and “The Master of Miracles” he lived about 1,800 years ago. His legacy of wisdom and teachings continue to inspire the Jewish people centuries later. This fund benefits Israel’s food banks, shelters, and other charitable causes. 

Nutrition Security

The Israeli government has entrusted Colel Chabad with a mission to eliminate hunger in our country by partnering with the Joint Distribution Committee. 

This nationwide nutrition security initiative has already brought thousands of meals per month in the years since its start. Through a network of food banks and pantries across Israel, Colel Chabad continues to provide sustenance for those experiencing food insecurity. 

Medical Services

Having access to the right medical services can make a huge impact on the lives of those without. And while Israel provides for basic needs, Colel Chabad has stepped up to fill the gaps in care for those struggling with financial difficulties and more. 

Our medical services programs cover everything from dental care to therapy and rehabilitation for degenerative diseases. 

Charities for Widows

Widows face many challenges including loneliness, debt, and solitude. Giving aid to charities that support widows can make a huge difference in the lives of women who need a helping hand and human connection.

Children’s Charities

Giving to children’s programs can have an impact on the lives of today’s youth. Your donations can help charities that support orphans, and organizations that focus on children’s education. 

Make a Regular Practice of Giving Tzedakah

Tzedakah is a forever act and a powerful activity that benefits both the giver and the recipient. 

An anonymous sage once said, “A person is more influenced by the things he does than by the knowledge he is taught.” This is especially true for the Jewish people, who understand the importance of acts of loving-kindness and Tzedakah. Join us in donating regularly and make a difference in our community.


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