June 24, 2024

Jewish Charities For Children: a Legacy of Hope

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Children’s Jewish charities have saved the lives of numerous generations of children orphaned by war, poverty and circumstance. With the events in Israel, it’s more crucial than ever to share acts of kindness and charitable giving through Tzedakah to those in need.

Poverty and Other Challenges for Jewish Children

Throughout history, orphans have been one of the most vulnerable groups in our community. Today, there are 3,789 children in Israel living in foster care and over 11,000 at-risk children due to reasons beyond their control. 

Social isolation, academic challenges, and food insecurity are some of the formidable obstacles facing these children today. By donating to Jewish charities for children, you can help ease their burdens. 

Ways to Support Israel’s Orphans 

Orphaned children often lack essential resources to thrive after experiencing the tragic loss of their parents. Many struggle to get enough food, clothing, and emotional support while others could benefit from the guidance of an adult role model. 

Your support can be given in many ways, including donating clothing, getting involved with charities for children to donate your time, or giving money to Jewish charities for children in Israel. 

How to Assist Jewish Children with Colel Chabad

In the history of Colel Chabad, the mission to assist orphans has always been one of our top priorities. Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the founder of the renowned Chabad-Lubavitch movement, set an example by sharing the message of acts of loving kindness with the people of Israel. Now, we have many dedicated charity initiatives benefiting widows, orphans, and bereaved families

Chesed Menachem Mendel Orphan Intervention

Named in honor of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel, the 

Chesed Menachem Mendel Orphan Intervention offers fatherless and orphaned children one-on-one assistance, mentoring, and emotional resources. 

It helps children realize their potential through comprehensive strategies including therapy, education, companionship, summer camps, and the arts. 

Mass Bar & Bat Mitzvah for Orphans

We believe every Jewish child deserves the honor of having a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony. However, financial and familial circumstances often prohibit orphans from having this rewarding experience. We’ve prioritized this area of need by creating the Mass Bar & Bat Mitzvah for Orphans event, so they can participate in this important ceremony and celebrate with their community.

Big Brother/Big Sister Program

Colel Chabad’s Big Brother/Big Sister program offers much-needed guidance to at-risk children. This unique Jewish charity for children offers hope and connection by pairing mentors with disadvantaged youth. Participants benefit from mentorship and support to help them grow academically and emotionally. 

Weddings for Orphan Brides and Grooms

The financial burden of a wedding can prohibit orphans from participating in this momentous commitment ceremony. Colel Chabad recognizes the importance of this life step and is one of the few Israeli charitable organizations with a dedicated program called Weddings for Orphan Brides and Grooms helping disadvantaged youths fulfill their wish to marry.

Help the Children of Israel

While Colel Chabad has been a guiding force in charitable giving, we cannot do it alone. Now more than ever, we need your assistance and donations to aid the orphans in our community. If you’ve been wondering how to help Israel now, start with its children. Because when you make a difference in one young person’s life, the effect will benefit future generations.


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