June 23, 2024

How to Help Israel Now

Israel has a rich and intricate history, with its modern conflict with Arab neighbors dating back to 1948. The ongoing struggle between Israelis and Palestinians has led to deep-seated mistrust and multiple unresolved peace agreements. Recent events, including the incursion by the Hamas militant group on October 7th, 2023, have further escalated tensions, resulting in a profound humanitarian crisis.

Now, many people are wondering about the best charities to support in Israel and how to help Jewish families when they are in need, and this is what we will tell you today.

Aid Is Desperately Needed in Israel

Politics aside, there’s no doubt about the fact that what’s going on in Israel right now is a humanitarian crisis. That’s exactly what world leaders are referring to it as – the United Nations says it even has potential evidence of war crimes

Tragically, in this unprecedented crisis, many of those who are dying have no personal part in the conflict. Tens of thousands of people currently sleep without homes, reliable access to food and water, and even without family members as they wait for progress on the front line.

How Can You Help the People of Israel?

In these challenging times, many individuals are eager to make a positive impact and support Israeli families facing adversity. 

Here are three meaningful ways to contribute:

1. Donate to Israeli Charities

One of the most direct ways to assist current humanitarian efforts is by donating to Israeli charity organizations. Israel hosts many charitable programs, from providing essential food and water to providing crucial shelter assistance. Your contributions to these organizations are pivotal in aiding those in need.

At Colel Chabad, we ensure your funds go directly toward those who need them most and in the most meaningful ways. We also make it easy to choose precisely how you’d like to support Israel charity organizations. 

For example, you might opt to donate specifically toward Meals on Wheels, a Care Package for an IDF soldier, or a curated food box for a Jewish family under attack. This empowers you to support Israeli causes in ways that can specifically change lives.

All of this is possible through our Iron Sword program. Upon making your donation, we deliver the funds to the intended recipients on your behalf, making the process as straightforward and transparent as possible.

2. Engage in Community Fundraising

Community fundraising has the power to amplify the impact of your donations. By collaborating with your local Jewish community, school, or synagogue, you can initiate a collective contribution drive that has the potential to make an even more substantial difference. Together, we can extend essential support to those adversely affected by the conflict.

3. Volunteer in Humanitarian Efforts

Another highly valuable way to contribute is by donating your time and energy. Charitable organizations in Israel need volunteers who can assist in collecting and delivering vital resources to those most severely affected by the conflict. Even dedicating a few hours of your time can have a profoundly positive effect.

At Colel Chabad, for example, you can spend time volunteering to pack food bags as part of our Pantry Packers program or work in a soup kitchen in one of the 22 locations we operate:

  • Arad 
  • Ashdod 
  • Ashkelon 
  • Bait V’Gan 
  • Be’er Sheva 
  • Beit Shemesh 
  • Dimona 
  • Holon 
  • Jerusalem 
  • Lod 
  • Ramla 
  • Tzfat 
  • Yerucham

Israeli Charitable Organizations: Colel Chabad’s Actions

At Colel Chabad, we tirelessly work to provide humanitarian aid and assistance to those in need, and right now, with the ongoing conflict, our efforts are more crucial than ever. We are dedicated to addressing the needs of the most vulnerable members, including:

In our history as the oldest continuously operating charitable organization in Israel, we have over 250 years of experience in providing aid and assistance to those who need it most. Our programs are designed to ensure that every person in Israel, regardless of religion or race, has access to basic necessities and resources.

Donate to Israel Charities in the Spirit of Tzedakah

Charitable giving is not just a moral imperative but an integral part of Jewish tradition. Through our actions, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those most affected by the conflict in Israel. Whether through monetary donations or volunteering your time and energy, every contribution counts and directly impacts improving the well-being of those in need.

By joining hands with organizations like Colel Chabad, you can play a vital role in providing the much-needed relief and humanitarian assistance that Israel needs during these challenging times.
We urge you to take action today and donate to Colel Chabad to become a part of the global community, making a difference in humanitarian efforts.


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