July 24, 2024

What’s Happening In Israel Now

Amid the ongoing challenges and conflicts in Israel, one thing remains clear: the importance of standing together to support Israeli families and communities. As the oldest continuously operating Tzedakah network in Israel, Colel Chabad has played a pivotal role in providing aid and assistance to those in need. 

In this article, we will explore the current situation in Israel, Colel Chabad’s significant contributions, and how you can make a positive impact through charitable donations.

History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Current Situation

We must first acknowledge the historical context of Israel’s conflicts to understand the present. 

The region has experienced serious challenges over the years. This current crisis stems from a decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Militants and extremists have taken advantage of the situation by using it as a way to gain power, manipulate public opinion, and make political gains. Now, innocent civilians, including many Jewish families, are caught in the crossfire, facing violence and destruction on a daily basis.

With the isolation that has ensued over the years has come a new reality with Israelis under constant threat. Hamas, a terrorist organization based in Gaza, has been behind numerous attacks on Israel over the years and takes credit for what happened on October 7th in Kibbutz Be’eri.

Despite these struggles, Israel has made great strides in becoming a thriving nation with advanced technology and rich cultural diversity. However, the ongoing conflict has taken a toll on many families and communities, leaving them struggling to make ends meet.

Charitable organizations like Colel Chabad have been a beacon of hope during these difficult times, offering assistance to vulnerable populations and striving for a brighter future.

Colel Chabad’s Humanitarian Efforts In Israel

Colel Chabad is at the forefront of efforts providing relief for the victims of Hamas’ terror. Our Emergency Response Cover Center is a hub for hundreds of Israeli families on the front line. We have been working around the clock to provide food, shelter, and medical assistance for those affected by this tragedy.

But we can’t do it without your help. As a nonprofit organization, Colel Chabad relies on fundraising efforts, Chabad donation programs, and online donations to deliver essential aid. Our humanitarian efforts are ultimately only as strong as generous individuals like you who donate to Israeli charities.

While our charitable programs usually take center stage, our emergency response programs are now a priority. Now is the time for us to donate to help Israel now.

The October 7th attacks and the crisis it provoked are just one iteration of the broader conflict, which has gone on for too long. We are actively working to ensure no Israeli family is forgotten by providing food and medical assistance, as well as psychological support and mental health services.

The best way to make a difference for Jewish people right now is to support the administration of these initiatives so that everyone gets the help they deserve during this unprecedented conflict.

Donate to Jewish Charities That Make a Difference On the Ground

There are plenty of Jewish organizations to donate to in the wake of the Israel-Hamas conflict. As the country’s oldest, Colel Chabad is one of the best charities to support Israel during this tumultuous time. Join us in raising funds to provide essential humanitarian aid to the thousands of people impacted by this crisis today. 

For detailed information on our initiatives, visit our Iron Sword emergency response coverage center page. There, you can choose how you want to help—whether it’s a monthly or one-time donation or an individualized purchase of a care package for an IDF soldier, meals for Holocaust survivors in shelters, or a curated food box for a family under attack, your contribution matters. 

With your generosity, we can provide support and resources to families who have lost loved ones, homes, and livelihoods due to the ongoing conflict. Your donation will help children and families receive proper nutrition, medical care, psychological support, and other essential services during this critical time.


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