July 24, 2024

Poverty In Jewish Communities and Jewish Charities That Help the Poor

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Israel has many great things to be proud of. It was the first country in the region to join the Western world, and it has since become a leader in many fields. It is a technological powerhouse with its vibrant tech scene and has been at the forefront of revolutionary medical advances for years.

But like any other country, Israel faces its fair share of challenges. One of the most pressing problems today is that of poverty. Decades of regional instability have taken their toll on the economy, and many people have been left behind. Now, as Israel is at war, the situation has only worsened. Today, more Jewish families need your help than ever.

Thankfully, organizations like Colel Chabad are working tirelessly to provide economic support to those in need. By embodying the values of Tikkun Olam and chesed, we strive to repair the world and perform acts of kindness for our brothers and sisters in Israel.

Poverty in Jewish Communities and its Effects

Common challenges include limited access to education, health care, and other basic needs. A significant portion of the nation’s most vulnerable – including women, children, and senior citizens – go to bed hungry every night. Meanwhile, some families don’t have the luxury of heating their homes come wintertime.

According to data published by the National Insurance Institute in 2021, roughly 21% of the Israeli population lives under the poverty line. That’s unfathomable compared to other places like the United States, which, despite having high poverty levels for a first-world country, only currently has 11.5% of its population below the threshold. This must change now.

Jewish Charities for the Poor

Jewish charities for the poor, including Colel Chabad, dedicate themselves to supporting the needs of uniquely vulnerable individuals. They might run charitable programs that promote acts of charity for poor Jewish people or ones with a focus on a specific demographic. 

Choosing just one Jewish charity to donate to is difficult with many excellent options. But the good news is that while your tzedakah and Pushka dollars may only go so far, the meaning of chesed can extend beyond monetary contribution.

Jewish philanthropy teachings are clear that an act of kindness, such as giving to the poor through a clothing drive, community fundraising effort, or volunteer hours, is just as valuable as charitable giving. Empowering individuals with the resources and support they need to become self-sufficient is considered the highest level of tzedakah.

How Jewish Charities for the Poor Like Colel Chabad Make a Difference

Are you in search of the absolute best Jewish charity to give to this year? Look no further than Colel Chabad. In our history as Israel’s oldest and most renowned Jewish non-profit charity organization, we have provided aid to families and individuals in need for more than 200 years, regardless of race, religion, or nationality.

As we have mentioned, Colel Chabad is actively engaged in a wide range of programs. Our Nutrition Security Program provides essential food and basic supplies to families struggling with poverty, and our Widows and Orphans Program aids those who have lost a family member to death or illness.

Meanwhile, our Child Care program makes a massive impact on working families and single mothers throughout the Jewish community. Special services are also provided to those needing circumstance-specific assistance, such as immigrants and students.

Help Colel Chabad End Poverty In Jewish Communities

When you choose to donate to Israeli charities, you’re doing much more than simply giving charity to the poor—you’re donating to Israel’s future. At Colel Chabad, we believe that today’s needy children are tomorrow’s future leaders. Our goal is to help the Jewish people by providing aid to those in poverty today.

Help is needed now more than ever as Israel endures its largest loss of life in recent memory. Poverty in Jewish communities has always been a problem – now, it’s an epidemic.

Among the biggest Israeli charitable organizations on the front line, Colel Chabad is one of the best charities to support Israel. Regular acts of Chabad donation, fundraising initiatives, and online donations are all critical to sustaining the work that we do every day. Help us make an impact in Jewish poverty by giving today.


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