June 20, 2024

How to Support Jewish Charities that Fight Hunger: A Mission of Hope

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Right now there are people in Israel facing the dire question of whether or not they will have enough to eat today. Food insecurity and hunger are affecting a significant part of our population, and resources are stretched thin. The future of these vulnerable people depends on their most basic needs being met.

Israel’s Battle Against Hunger 

The people of Israel have a long history of famine brought on by poverty, drought, and war. In response, Jewish non-profit charity organizations provided much-needed support to needy families. This legacy continues even today as the number of people still suffering from hunger in Israel is an issue that can be solved with our assistance. 


Help Those in Need 

There is a way to win the war against hunger. We can bring change to our communities by donating to Jewish charities like Colel Chabad. Giving Tzedakah to a reputable organization enables the funds to go to the needy.

Join Colel Chabad and Feed the Hungry

Colel Chabad has a long history of offering lifesaving support to those in desperate situations. Together with nutrition security programs and by joining forces with the government’s National Food Security Initiative, we’ve significantly supported families nationwide.

Israel’s National Food Security Initiative

Colel Chabad is proud to be a philanthropic partner with Israel’s National Food Security Initiative. Together we are helping individuals break the cycle of poverty through our program by providing them with monthly deliveries of food and Food Cards, which can be used in supermarkets. Every month, we assist 26,130 families across 239 municipalities.

United Soup Kitchens

Another way Colel Chabad serves those experiencing food insecurity is through our network of United Soup Kitchens. Located all across Jerusalem, 22 free restaurants operate without cash registers or tills. Funded by generous donors, these volunteer-run establishments ensure everyone who needs a nutritious meal can get one. 

Non-Profit Supermarkets

Rising food costs and shortages have placed many Israeli families in a precarious situation when getting essential groceries. 

As an experienced Jewish charity, Colel Chabad understands this and has created a unique solution by placing five non-profit supermarkets in different locations nationwide. Store items are discounted by as much as 46%, and shoppers are never questioned about their financial needs. 


Through Colel Chabad’s Meals-on-Wheels program, we can reach out to those who lack the means or ability to provide for themselves. 

In addition to delivering nutritious meals, we have a dedicated call center connecting participants with food security specialists, nutrition experts, and volunteers who can help answer questions and listen to their stories. The combination of meals and support contributes to lifting many individuals out of poverty. 

More Charities Where Your Support Changes Lives

Combating hunger is a global problem that needs acts of Chesed. We’re also committed to helping the needy from all walks of life. Your donations of time or resources can help and support a range of worthy causes, you can:


When donating money, many benefactors wonder what is an acceptable amount to perform Tzedakah. We always encourage an amount that can substantially impact, but any support donation is used to its fullest potential. 

Give Love through the Charity of Food

Wondering how to help Israel? Helping fight hunger is our most immediate and important mission this year. With your help, we can make a difference.


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