May 22, 2024

Cultivating Bitachon: A Path to Compassionate Giving

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The world we live in is known for its turmoil and angst. Yet, despite millennia of challenges, the Jewish people have weathered every storm. We have one thing to thank for that: a principle known as bitachon. This article explains the term, detailing both its literal meaning and greater significance to Jewish values

Bitachon Meaning Explained

Bitachon is a Hebrew term that translates to ‘trust’ or ‘confidence’ in English. Its origins lie in ancient religious texts such as Psalms 118:9, which states “It is better to trust in God than to trust in any man”. To build upon that statement, bitachon mainly defines spiritual connections between humans and God. Belief in a higher power is uniquely different from other forms of belief in that it isn’t tangible but rather developed through intrinsic, self-developed faith. 

What Bitachon Means In Judaism

The Jewish principle of bitachon is centered around complete optimism, belief, and trust in the Divine plan. We’re challenged to put our whole faith in God, even in the face of uncertainty or times of turmoil. Practicing the concept can be quite difficult as it requires one to give up control when every part of the mind wants to veer away on its own. 

However, with great trust in God comes great reward. Those who take the plunge and live a life led by bitachon are better equipped to navigate whatever comes their way. There’s an inner peace to be discovered in faith-based courage, patience, and gratitude. Whether overcoming a difficult challenge or riding out some moments of uncertainty, bitachon is the key to building a mindset containing acceptance and resilience.

How Bitachon Is Related to Other Jewish Values

Bitachon is closely related to emunah (faith), which similarly refers to belief in the existence of a higher power. The two terms may seem interchangeable, but there are distinct differences; bitachon and emunah go hand-in-hand. 

Emunah is the critical ingredient for laying the foundation for bitachon, which guides individuals in handing over control and putting their faith in the Divine. Ultimately, both principles, in addition to others like (humility), tzedek, and service (avodah), are foundational maxims Chabad leaders and prominent rebbes have promoted throughout Jewish history.

Bitachon’s Significance to Jewish Charity 

Bitachon helps shape attitudes toward charity, justice, and community. The principle is an underlying value of the Chabad movement, which emphasizes how interconnectedness and devotion to one another through motivating acts of kindness and compassion can serve the greater good. 

Charity isn’t just an act of kindness; in Jewish tradition, it manifests bitachon, a real-life example of trust and faith in God’s providence and a commitment to tikkun olam (repairing the world).

About Colel Chabad and Charitable Giving

Founded in 1788, the Colel Chabad is one of many historic Jewish charity organizations that epitomize the essence of bitachon. But not only that – our many programs strive to embody the values of ma’aser kesafim (tithing), bikur cholim (visiting the sick), and hachnasat orchim (hospitality) as well. 

With initiatives that provide food security for those in need, support for widows and orphaned children, and access to healthcare, Colel Chabad consistently works to embody the meaning of bitachon and kol yisrael arevim zeh bazeh – the idea that all Jews are responsible for one another.

As a longstanding organization in Israel, there’s no doubt about the fact that Colel Chabad is the best charity to donate to when looking to make a real difference. Israel needs help now more than ever, and by contributing funds or signing up to volunteer, you’re helping us bring the healing power of acts of philanthropic charity to numerous individuals across the country.

Soup Kitchens: Food for the Soul and Body

While there are organizations solely dedicated to food insecurity, support for our soup kitchens provide more than just a free meal. This endeavor helps thousands of Israeli families and individuals find a sense of community amidst times of turbulence. 

Big Brother/Big Sister: Developing Bonds for Life

Colel Chabad’s Big Brother/Big Sister program works to help children who are at risk and pairs them with mentors. Pairing these mentors with at-risk children nurtures a meaningful relationship full of guidance and ongoing support. 

Widow and Orphan Support: Help in Times of Loss

The widow and orphan programs Colel Chabad offers give those in need a lifeline in times of significant loss or personal tragedy. In cases where turmoil does appear, Colel Chabad provides support, emotional assistance, and a sense of community for widows and orphans in need of the community. 

Pantry Packers: Nourishing Bodies, Feeding Hope

Colel Chabad’s Pantry Packers initiative, among the most widely recognized, provides nutritious food to thousands of struggling individuals and families across Israel each year. The highly effective food packing and distribution center ensures that those facing food insecurity receive assistance, easing hunger and fostering optimism for the future.

Dental Clinics: Brighter Smiles for a Better Tomorrow

Finding affordable dental care can be incredibly challenging for some in Israel. But thanks to Colel Chabad’s dental clinics, many can receive the care they need for free or at low costs, keeping their teeth healthy and their smiles bright. 

Help Cultivate and Nurture Compassionate Giving 

Bitachon, much like the fantastic initiatives supported by Colel Chabad, is an excellent reminder of how much the world yearns for hope and healing. As a constant beacon of light for those looking for hope, bitachon illuminates the path toward a more compassionate and just society. 

As we reflect on the profound significance of bitachon in Jewish tradition, let us heed the call to action and help Israel. Our collective efforts can make waves of positive change for those in need if we just put our trust in the Divine. 

Join us in cultivating bitachon by getting involved with or donating to Colel Chabad’s impactful initiatives today.


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