June 20, 2024

How the Beliefs of Judaism and Charity and Go Hand-In-Hand

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Before you donate to Jewish charities, volunteer in your community, or get involved with Jewish causes, you should understand the history and beliefs of Judaism. From its roots to modern developments, this article will help you better understand the essential principles and values of our faith.

The Storied History of Judaism

Judaism is one of the oldest religions in history, with roots dating back to around 2000 BCE. The earliest practices of Judaism come from the Bronze Age Levant (modern-day Israel, Lebanon, and Syria) where archaeological discoveries suggest religious practices that resembled the later religion of Judaism. Since then, the religion has evolved into what we know today and is practiced by millions around the world.

The Torah, or Old Testament in Christianity, is the earliest written record of Jewish tradition and is believed to have been composed between 600 and 400 BCE. This work, along with other ancient texts, established a basis for the later development of Judaism as we know it today.

Rabbi Meir Baal Haness, a Jewish sage from the fifth century CE, is credited with codifying many of Judaism’s laws and rituals. He also wrote extensively on Jewish ethics, which guided ethical behavior in all areas of life.

How the Chabad Movement Came To Be

Dating back to the late 1700s, the Chabad-Lubavitch movement brought together the teachings of classic Jewish sources and modern philosophy. It is believed to be one of the most influential movements in the beliefs of Judaism today, promoting both orthodoxy and enlightenment. This is where Colel Chabad’s history began – and our organization has diligently served important causes like food insecurity, children’s education, and generational poverty every day since.

Today, this includes initiatives to help the poor, resources designed to combat food insecurity, groups for widows and orphaned children, and investments in healthcare infrastructure to serve vulnerable populations. 

Understanding the Beliefs of Judaism

At their core, the core beliefs of Judaism center on a strong relationship with G-d. This includes a belief that He is One, Creator of all things, and has given His laws to mankind as guidelines for how to live life in harmony with Him. Chabad-Lubavitch teachings strive to make these laws and principles accessible, understandable, and applicable to all Jews today.

Faith in Practice: Jewish Philanthropy at the Heart of Chabad

Acts of kindness and charitable giving are among the best ways to connect with G-d and strengthen one’s faith. Jews are encouraged to practice philanthropy through Tzedakah, which is the Hebrew word for charity or righteous giving. It includes both the traditional giving of food and monetary donations to the poor as well as acts of kindness such as visiting the sick or providing comfort to widows and orphans in need.

The Tenets of Jewish Philanthropy

The Jewish faith also includes a variety of ceremonies and observances, all of which are meant to bring people closer to G-d. These include keeping kosher dietary laws, observing the Sabbath (Shabbat), and reciting daily prayers.


Chesed, or ‘loving-kindness’, has come to describe a special form of charity in which the recipient benefits from more than just material assistance. Instead, it seeks to help people with their spiritual and emotional needs, as well. A prime example is supporting the sick or volunteering in one’s community.


Tzedakah refers to acts of Jewish charity and philanthropy that are rooted in justice, fairness, and righteousness. Every Jewish person must help the less fortunate. Tzedakah has been described as “ethical altruism,” and it applies to both individuals and organizations alike.

Jewish Charities In Israel Bring the Beliefs and Practices of Judaism to Life

If you’ve been searching for Jewish organizations to donate to, or simply don’t know where to start with charitable giving or volunteering, consider learning more about Colel Chabad. As one of Israel’s largest and oldest Jewish non-profit charity organizations, we’re well-equipped to help make your contribution meaningful and effective. We offer a variety of programs, all designed to provide essential services that not only meet but exceed basic needs.

We make it easy to support Israel and the countless needy Israeli families within its borders in numerous ways – from online donations and volunteer programs to Luach calendars and Pushka donation boxes.

Support the Practices of Judaism with Colel Chabad

Jewish non-profit charity organizations like ours are playing a key role in providing the help Israel needs during these unprecedented times. Regardless of how much you choose to give or get involved, every contribution to Colel Chabad is valued and helps promote Jewish values of charity, justice, and compassion.

Support Israel via Colel Chabad by donating or volunteering time to meaningful initiatives today.


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