April 21, 2024

Building Support Networks for Jewish Families in Need

Jewish Mother with Her Three Daughters

Israeli families face a multitude of challenges in today’s society, ranging from economic struggles to health-related and welfare concerns. Leaving them unaddressed simply isn’t an option. Not only are the values of collective and familial responsibility deeply ingrained in Jewish beliefs, but the future prosperity of our people also depends on the well-being of our families.

The Challenges Faced By Israeli Families Today

Israeli households deal with everything from food insecurity to housing affordability to ongoing conflict. It’s a reality stemming from decades of complex and tumultuous Jewish history that regular impoverished families don’t have behind them.

Hunger stands as the most pressing, life-threatening issue out there today, affecting nearly one million people. It’s estimated that 16.2% of families and 21.1% of children in Israel are food insecure.

Then there’s the challenge of keeping up with monthly bills like rent and utilities. With the cost of living constantly on the rise, many families struggle to make ends meet and find themselves choosing between paying for basic necessities or going into debt.

Why Jewish Family Services Are Essential

Israel is full of historic Jewish non-profits, from organizations that fight poverty to charities for the hungry. While they do invaluable work in addressing some of the biggest issues Israel currently faces, broadly targeted programs don’t help everyone equally.

Family units are in a difficult position to rise out of poverty because of their internal codependence; children need mothers and fathers present in their lives as much as they do three square meals a day. Parents must often compromise their responsibilities in order to achieve some semblance of stability. This can mean working multiple jobs, leaving children home alone, or relying on extended family for childcare.

Support networks for Jewish families in need offer circumstance-specific financial assistance, counseling, and job training programs that can help families get back on their feet and become self-sufficient. This is considered among the top forms of tzedakah according to The Eight Degrees of Giving; loving-kindness with the potential to have life-long benefits.

Getting Involved With Israeli Charitable Organizations That Offer Family Services

Jewish philanthropists through the ages have all emphasized the importance of philanthropy in Jewish life. Chabad leaders in particular paint community involvement as a crucial obligation for every Jew.

Organizations that offer family services work tirelessly to support families in need and can always use extra help. Because philanthropy and tzedakah take many forms, there are many ways to get involved and become a part of these efforts.

Supporting Jewish Families with Charity Donations

Monetary donations go to addressing the immediate needs of Jewish families in need. These donations are often used to provide emergency financial assistance for things like rent, utilities, and food. They can also be used to fund programs that offer counseling or job training services.

Donations are most impactful when made on a recurring monthly basis, but one-time contributions for Hanukkah and other Jewish holidays with traditions of giving are equally valuable. Other times of year may necessitate specific types of contributions. Giving during Purim, for example, often involves gifting food packages and charitable donations to ensure every family has a festive celebration.

Help Administer Jewish Family Services By Volunteering

Beyond monetary contributions, there are countless ways to give back through volunteer work. Local food banks and soup kitchens often rely on volunteers to help prepare and serve meals to those in need. Some organizations may also offer volunteer opportunities for people with specific skills, such as doctors or dentists who can provide free services to those who cannot afford healthcare.

Our Support Networks for Jewish Families In Need

Families require specific assistance tailored to the needs of entire households – help spanning from childcare to education to groceries. That’s exactly what Colel Chabad provides through a range of non-profit programs across Israel.

Nutrition Security

Colel Chabad plays a critical role in administering Israel’s Nutrition Security program. We also operate soup kitchens, non-profit supermarkets, and household grocery packing programs across the country. Our Meals-on-Wheels initiative delivers hot meals directly to the homes of elderly or disabled individuals who are unable to leave their houses. Families benefit from our baby formula program, ensuring that even the youngest members of our community have access to proper nutrition.

Home Heating

In Israel, winter can bring cold and damp weather, making it difficult for families to stay warm without proper heating. Colel Chabad provides much-needed assistance to low-income families through our Home Heating program. It’s our goal to ensure no Jewish household goes to bed cold.


Colel Chabad’s childcare programs give struggling parents somewhere safe to send their children while they work or attend school. We aim to enrich the futures of participating youth by connecting them with non-profit educational resources, mentorship programs, and more. 

Dental Clinics

Maintaining good oral health is essential for overall well-being, but it can be a costly expense for families in need. Our healthcare-oriented charitable initiatives include a network of dental clinics that offer affordable and quality care to those who may not have access otherwise.

Support Groups for Widows

Our support groups for widows offer a safe and understanding space to connect with others who have gone through a similar loss.

Weddings for Poor/Orphaned Children

Every child deserves to have their special day celebrated, but for families struggling with poverty, this may not be feasible. Our non-profit program for orphaned children and impoverished individuals makes beautiful wedding ceremonies a reality for countless young couples every year.

Big Brother/Big Sister Program

Our Big Brother/Big Sister program matches children from vulnerable backgrounds with older mentors who can provide guidance, support, and companionship.

No One Makes a Bigger Difference With Jewish Family Services Than Colel Chabad

Searching for the best Jewish charity to donate to? You’ve found it right here. Our non-profit organization has a 200-year history of helping those in need. Founded upon the principles of the Chabad Lubavitch movement, Colel Chabad is and always will be dedicated to providing support and assistance to the Jewish community.

Don’t wait any longer – help us enrich the lives and futures of Israeli families by signing up for donations today. 


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